Student Research Projects

I have worked supported numerous independent study projects throughout the years. Each independent study student is expected to generate a publication-quality report summarizing their work. Copies of these reports are available for download (by permission of the author) in PDF format.


Date Author Title and Abstract
Summer 2003

Chris Allen

A Hillclimbing Approach to Image Mosaics.  This paper presents a hillclimbing approach to image mosaic creation. Our approach significantly differs from previous approaches by being non-deterministic and allowing for tile overlapping, which produces a collage effect. Results show that, if refined, the hillclimbing approach to mosaic creation may have the potential to provide a viable alternative to other techniques.

Summer 2003 Jacob Becker

ArcImage: A Computer System for Generating Archaeological Floor Plans and Profile Walls.  Many archaeologists still rely predominately on string, line level, tape measure, pen and paper to draw floor plans and profile walls.  This is a time consuming and labor intensive process that can suffer greatly from human error.  This paper describes a software system for generating archaeological floor plans and profile walls that minimizes the error inherent in traditional methods and reduces the manual labor required to generate such drawings.

Spring 2004 Brandon Weaver Creating Impressionistic Effects from Video and Still Images.  The aim of this research is to automatically process video and still images such that they display the qualities of a traditional impressionist painting. The research discusses the implementation of the techniques put forth in [1]. In addition, some of the techniques put forth in [1] have been adapted or extended, and some small innovations are presented. The techniques discussed include using gradient information to orientate individual brush strokes, clipping each brush stroke to the edges found in the image, and using optical flow to move brush strokes across multiple frames in video sequences
Spring 2007 Jacob Schroeder Image Compression using Embedded Zerotrees of Wavelets  This paper presents an approach to lossy image comression based on the Embedded Zerotrees of Wavelets (EZW) technique presented by Shapiro. The algorithm was implemented in Java and tests of the algorithm were done using several different families of wavelets. A qualitative analysis of the results among the different wavelet transforms in included.
Spring 2009

Chris Treml

Bitmap Tagger: An Open Source Image Tagging System  This paper describes an open source software system for reading and writing tags in images. The software system consists of a library and a GUI application for viewing and editing tags and supports both JPEG and PNG file formats. The software system can read and write common tags for the Exif and XMP specifications.