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Kenny Hunt, Ph.D.
Office: 213 Wing Technology Building
Phone: 608.785.6822
Spring 2015 Courses
The Art of Image Processing with Java

I've written a great textbook for learning about image processing. While other books are targeted primarly towards engineering majors, this text takes a more computational approach and is accessible to, hopefully, a wider range of student backgrounds. The text is published by CRC Press (A.K. Peters) and you can purchase the book here or search for ISBN number 978-1-56881-717-0 to find it on other sites. Here is the official The Art of Image Processing web site.

MSE Capstone Ideas

I enjoy supervising MSE capstone projects that are challenging and useful. I am particularly interested in projects that deal with web applications, image processing, computer graphics or computationally intensive applications. Talk to me if you have an interest in these areas. It would be best if you could develop your own project idea, but I have several listed below that you may adopt.

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Toze: The Object Z Editor

I have worked with Kasi Periyasamy and Tim Parker to develop a graphical editor for Object Z specifications. The application is rolled into a single executable jar file. Download the toze-2.0.2.jar file and then double-click on it once you've got it on your desktop.

When the application is running you should first select "File > new" and then create the specification via the "Specification" tab. Certain elements support context-sensitive pop-ups. Right-clicking on non-textual portions of a specifciation will often cause a contextual pop-up menu to appear that will provide further editing options.

I'd like to give a loud shout-out to David Topham for making numerous suggestions on cleaning up the user interface. Some of his suggesions are already in version 2.0.2 while others are in the pipeline.

Java Resources
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